Executive assessments are used in the selection and development of leaders, providing thorough information about the candidates, identifying leadership potential, and helping them understand better their own strengths and development opportunities.

At Glasford International Argentina, we utilize in-person and virtual assessments to evaluate personality, characteristics, and leadership style, motivation, performance, skills, abilities, and intellectual capacity based on:

Employments psychological assessments, which grant an in-depth look into the structural distinctive features of the candidates personality and their abilities: Psychometric Tests (Raven, Dominó), Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test, Projective Tests (HTP, Draw-A-Person-In-The-Rain, Desiderative, Rorschach, Zulliger, Wartegg), among others.

Discourse Analysis (Dr. Elliot Jaques), which allows to determine the correlation between the applicants potential and the standard required for the position available in an objective and meticulous way. This is essential in order to single out the appropriate candidates beyond their education or tenacity, and to evaluate the future growth in the company of the applicants who surpass the position´s demands.

Hogan Assessment®, which are employed as the basis for headhunting and leadership development. Glasford International Argentina is certified in the application and interpretation of Hogan Assessments®, whose tools have shown: a strong predictive validity, regardless of job type or industry; an improvement in the quality of the hiring decisions in bottom-line related variables, thanks to the ROI provided; and their overall excellence, as they meet the guidelines and the best practices defined in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s Principles (2002) and the Uniform Guidelines (EEOC, 1978).

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