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Glasford International Argentina, exclusive partner of Glasford International Coöperatief U.A. is an executive search firm dedicated to the recruitment of professionals, specialists, managers and C-Level executives, mainly for the Consumer Goods, Automotive, Health, and Manufacture industries.

Alejandro Bagnato, Managing Partner of Glasford International Argentina, holds a degree in Labour Relations (UdeMM, 1996) and an MBA in Human Resources Management (USAL).

He served as President of Argentina’s Training and Development Association (ADCA), and acts as Director of Graduate Studies at C&D (UCES) and Talent Management (ESEADE)

Global Locations

Glasford International is a retained executive search firm with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and North and South America.
Established in the 1990s, we specialise in executive search and selection and leadership and personality assessments at the international, cross-border and local level. Glasford International is a global organization, with deep roots in the locations where it is represented. It combines the advantages of global coverage and local expertise.
Through the Glasford network, our clients can have direct access to one of our almost 350 experienced search consultants in a specific country, area or industry. Wherever Glasford is represented, our clients can be sure of finding a strong team, selected as a Glasford office because of their local knowhow, track record and professionalism.
Visit us on www.glasford.com

Our office

Glasford Argentina

Ciudad de la Paz Office Center - Ciudad de la Paz 1965 - Piso 12.
(CP 1428) - Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Tel (5411) 1144161419

Email | argentina@glasford.com.ar

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